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1. The hirer/tour participant agrees to and authorises One Tree Canoe Company (OTCC) to charge a minimum of $70 equipment cleaning fee for equipment returned in an unacceptable state (fair wear and tear excepted).

2. The hirer/tour participant agrees to leave valid credit card details for equipment bond or a cash bond of $200.00. The cash bond will be refunded on completion of the hire/tour and return of cleaned equipment that has been inspected and confirmed that the goods are in the original pre-hired state (fair wear and tear excepted). No equipment is to be returned outside of normal trading hours (8am to 4pm). Late return of equipment will incur an additional fee.

3. The hirer/users have an obligation to use the canoes or kayaks and associated
equipment in a safe and responsible manner, having regard for their passengers, other vessel users and swimmers. Hires other than at One Tree Farm.

4. The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the relevant regions tides,
currents, marine hazards, weather patterns, safety issues and permit requirements for
protected areas.

5. The hirer will not allow the canoes or kayaks to be used after sunset. NO NIGHT
PADDLING, as appropriate lighting is not supplied.

6. The hirer agrees to return the canoes / kayaks by the allocated return time or an
additional late fee of $50 per hour (or part thereof) may apply unless prior arrangements have been made with OTCC for a late return.

7. The hirer is advised to carry First Aid supplies, emergency equipment and safety
equipment applicable to the conditions, paddling area and associated laws (VHF Radio, Flares, V Sheet, Paddle Float, Pump/Bailer and Tow Rope,) and to lodge a route description with the appropriate authorities prior to departure and to have an evacuation plan. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will result in termination of the hire and forfeiture of all monies.


8. The hirer accepts full responsibility for returning all canoes / kayaks & equipment hired under this agreement in the original pre-hired state (fair wear and tear excepted) and agrees to authorise OTCC to charge to the credit card supplied in the hire agreement (at market value) for all costs associated with the return of items hired to the original pre-hired state.


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