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Whilst it was a good idea, it soon became apparent that the concept was too limited. Canoes are also awesome for couples, families, solos, pets, grandparents, friends, lovers, strangers – hell, anyone!!!

"Does that mean we needed

to ditch the name?...

No! we just improvised!

As it turned out our farm was fortunate enough to have a massive Jacaranda tree growing in our front yard. It came to symbolise our ‘One Tree’ through all its attributes – longevity, natural beauty, simplicity, strength, renewal and besides which it looks uncannily like our logo.. Gift horse, mouth and all that..

But that wasn’t enough for us! No! We wanted more meaning… We wanted to suck the marrow out of this ‘One Tree’ thing. We wanted even more symbolism. We wanted trees!!!

Red wine inspiration to the rescue. We came up with the idea of planting a tree for every canoe sold. Now every canoe can have its own ‘One Tree’.

We have come a long way since our early days and we have grown a bit too. When we started, it was Dan building canoes, Dan answering all the phone calls and emails and Dan guiding all the tours and getting all the hires on the water. He was getting a bit tired and cranky though!


So along came Mandy. Mandy joined One Tree Canoe Company in early 2021 as a full-time Composites Technician apprentice and has quickly established herself as a highly valued member of our team - we’re not too sure how we ever managed without her.

More recently, Sue has taken on a more hands on role within One Tree looking after our tours and hires on a full-time basis. Keep an eye on what’s happening in One Tree Canoe Adventures as we increase our offerings in the eco adventure tourism space!


Dan is still the boss (well … we let him think he is) and remains the heart and soul of One Tree Canoe Company.


Dan makes sure we all live and breathe the values of One Tree and never stray from our vision “To make paddling accessible to everyone”.

So whatever it is that paddling looks like for you, the team at One Tree Canoe Company are here to help you make that happen.

Happy Paddling (and planting)


One Tree Canoe Company was originally based on the idea of encouraging single parents to do outdoor activities with their children. The ‘One Tree’ was a solo parent spending time with the kids on the water in a canoe.

Because hey, canoes are awesome for taking kids paddling!

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